What New Assistive Technology Did You Get?

Now that the holidays are over and gift giving has ended until next year (or your birthday) tell us what exciting new assistive technology you got and why you like it!  Word of mouth by users is the best way to learn about the value of assistive technology in very practical terms. Share your thoughts.

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One Response to What New Assistive Technology Did You Get?

  1. Karen says:

    We got a Liko ceiling hoist lift for my husband but it also benefits me and the PCAs that come in every day as well. No more Hoyer lifts to push around, poisition just right and keep out of the way in a small room. The hoist lift is easy to use and the motor (20 lbs) can be removed from the bedroom track and used in the bathroom. It is pricey and most insurances won’t cover it but with the proper documentation and justification from your doctor MassHealth will.
    Every day the morning PCA says how great it is!