Free Apps, Get Your Free Apps Here!

IPads are hot! I saw a report that said there are literally thousands of apps for the iPhone and iPad published on iTunes daily (hope I got that right). How can we keep up?  There are few sources for free app announcements that I know of. Check these out and subscribe to their emails for weekly updates of apps that are newly free or free for one day only: (free apps on Fridays from developers of kids games and educational apps) and (all kinds of apps). Do know of others? Please share!

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One Response to Free Apps, Get Your Free Apps Here!

  1. MassMATCH Staff says:

    Hi Randi- thanks for the great resources. I notice that has a “special needs” tab for easy browsing and with people writing in with even more resources. Also, FYI to readers: the iTunes Store now has a “special education” section to its Apps Store. Great for browsing apps for purchase.