Technology for Toddlers

It’s amazing to see how toddlers are taking to computer technology. At a year and a half my granddaughter was already vying for a computer with her peers at the local library. A lot of competition between those 2, 3 and 4 year olds, particularly when they haven’t learned the art of sharing.

My ipad has more applications on it for her than for me as she has mastered games and wants more. I’m on the phone and she comes in with the ipad and silently puts it in front of me tapping the ipad. She wants my password to purchase the app she wants. How did she figure out where to find apps? A couple of times a week she asks, “Nuna, what’s your password?” I tell her its a secret. I’ve found that Dora the Explorer has excellent educational apps. Most I download for free.

I shelled out the bucks to buy her a Leap Pad. She likes my ipad better. I don’t blame her.

My sister’s 1 year old grandson recently had a tantrum at the dinner table because the ipad was put away and he wasn’t ready to give it up. A one year old already addicted to its magic.

So when they get to kindergarten what will they already know? If they happen to have a learning or cognitive disability won’t learning adaptive technology come easier?

I think so.

As someone who loved to read from an early age I want to instill the magic of reading in her. We have hard cover books and try to read together but with books with audio output my ganddaughter thinks the book “is broken” when the audio isn’t working. Where will a hard cover book come into play in the next 10 years for her? Hopefully she’ll learn a hard cover book doesn’t require it to be charged or have an Internet connection.

Just some thoughts.


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