Contributors to the blog are MassMATCH staff members and members of the Massachusetts AT Advisory Council.

Kobena Bonney
Coordinator of the MassMATCH Program, Kobena has 18+ years experience using and working with assistive technology. Kobena’s passion is to promote awareness of and affordable access to AT to people with disabilities everywhere. He lives in the Boston area with his wife and son, and is originally from Ghana, West Africa.

Karen Langley
Long time state employee responsible for the development of many assistive technology programs and services available to individuals with disabilities and elders in Massachusetts. Family member of husband and children who use many low and high tech devices. Believer that AT is the great equalizer for people with disabilities.

Randi Sargent
Mother of invention, founder of Say It With Symbols and advocate for a son with cerebral palsy and for individuals with communication challenges. Manager of a home full of assistive technology trying to look tasteful. Member of the MassMATCH AT Advisory Council, board member and AT columnist for the Federation for Children with Special Needs, Boston, MA.

Eliza Anderson
Editor of the MassMATCH Quarterly, editor and founder of AT Program News, managing editor of the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) newsletter. Lives and works from home in Vermont with partner, kid, dog, and a couple of frogs.

Paul Remy
Paul Remy has Cerebral Palsy and is a wheelchair user. He uses AT to live independently and to do volunteer work for several organizations to help people with disabilities. A Sharon resident, Paul has also designed websites ( and for two of the organizations. Besides being a client of Society for Human Advancement through Rehabilitation Engineering, Paul raises hundreds of dollars wheeling in this organization’s annual Walk-A-Thon. He loves to wage fierce battles on virtual reality chess boards at Paul strongly believes that all people with disabilities must have access and use  AT to maximize their full potentials.


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