Triloc GPS Watch

The Triloc GPS watch offers reliability and comfort for those worried about wandering loved ones. Triloc is an innovative and award winning GPS personal locator, incorporating leading edge technology.

Features include:

*2G/3G/4G cellular and GPS technology

*4.0 Bluetooth wireless connectivity

*water resistent to 3 feet

*two-way voice

*SOS/check in button

*lockable strap with tamper alert

*fall detection alert

*airplane mode

*battery life up to 48 hours and more.

How Can I Find the Location of the Person Wearing The Watch?

Using either a computer, tablet or smart phone you can track the location of the watch. Apps for tablets and smart phones are available in the Apple App Store and Android Google Play Store.

What Will It Cost and Will Insurance Pay? It costs $249.95 plus Monthly Voice and Data Plan.  Product cost may be covered by insurance under HCPCS 55162 and ICD-9/10 diagnostic codes for U.S. citizens.

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