The Carroll Center Offers Accessible Cell Phone Course

The Carroll Center for the Blind has created a new online course called “Choosing an Accessible Cell Phone”. The course covers which phones can be made accessible, what products are out there that can make a phone talk or listen, what makes a phone a “smart phone” and much more. The cost for the course is $25.00.

The course covers the following phones:

1. Verizon SMT 5800 with Mobile Speak
2. AT&T Nokia N82 with Talks
3. Blackberry Curve with Oratio
4. Verizon Samsung Haven
5. AT&T Apple iPhone 4

The course explains the layout of each phone with step-by-step instructions on how to use each phones major features including telephone access, web browsing, emailing, texting, contact management, calendaring and media access. It also provides audio demonstrations of all of these features.

Carroll also provides videos of an Accessible Cell Phone Seminar for FREE.

Learn more at the Carroll Tech Web site

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