Check Out The New Assistive Tech!

Christopher Bugaj, MA CCC‐SLP, has a new book! The New Assistive Tech: Make Learning Awesome for All! 

Published by ISTE, the book is geared for educators interested in the effective use of assistive technology in the classroom. ISTE promotes it as “a catalyst for breaking down walls between special education and general education, and will help all educators realize they have tech knowledge (and can build upon that knowledge) that can be used to support students with disabilities.”

Bugaj is a founding member the Assistive Technology Team for Loudoun County Public Schools and is well-known as a popular presenter on AT themes at numerous venues both live and online, nationally and internationally.

He is also hilarious.

Check out The New Assistive Tech if you are interested in:

  • how an educational team can request assistance to determine technology needs;
  • how to conduct and document assessments to help an educational team make informed decisions about technology needs;
  • a proactive approach to professional development for individuals and for those who train others on the use of technology;
  • creating an action plan for developing a culture of inclusion;
  • how Buguj covers this while interweaving stories, songs, and other exciting features to make learning fun.

Here’s the link to Bugaj’s new book on Amazon (there’s a Kindle version too!)

Cover of the New Assistive Tech.  By Christopher Bugaj. Uses chartoon graphics and shows a young girl wearing a headset, head tipped back with a speech bubble: Make Learning Awesome for All!

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