Be Prepared- If It Can Break-It Will

How many of you recognize the slogan “Be Prepared”? If you were a Boy or Girl Scout when you were young or have children in scouting you will recognize it.  But be prepared for what?  If you are a person who uses durable medical equipment you should be prepared that it will eventually need repair.

What if you or a loved one are losing mobility due to age or illness? You may need DME options to make you more mobile and safer from falls. Get the device in anticipation of the need.

What do you use when your device is no longer working or when insurance won’t pay for a new device?

The REquipment program is one way to get gently used refurbished equipment for free. Go to the website,, to see the items now available. It includes over 60 manual wheelchairs, 25 power wheelchairs and other items such as bath benches, sling lifts, standers, adapted strollers and more. Don’t wait until your wheelchair is no longer in service. Do you have a loved one who is becoming more frail and needs a rollator or transport wheelchair? We have them!

Check out the inventory and put your request in online or call 1 866 244 6156 to talk with a staff person about what you need. A small delivery fee may be requested for certain items.

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