AT Mini Loan Program Success! Dan’s New Chair

The Assistive Technology (AT) Mini Loan Program is a MassMATCH financial loan program managed by Easterseals MA. Thank you, Dan Moore, for sharing your powerful story and helping to get the word out about this new way to finance assistive technology. 0% interest loans are available for up to $2,000 for the purchase of assistive technology. Individuals with no credit and poor credit are encouraged to apply.

A man seated in a wheelchair smiling in a parking lot with accessible parking icon painted on pavement.Nothing is easy when you have Multiple Sclerosis (MS). By the time you’re dressed and ready to get out the door, you’ve used up so much energy that you’re ready to turn around and collapse into your bed.

Equally difficult is the constant wrangling with healthcare providers, insurance companies, and agencies that are ostensibly there to help you, but too often burden you with red tape, endless waits, and exorbitant fees.

So I still can’t quite believe how easy it was to get help from Easterseals MA and their “Mini-Loan” program for assistive technology. When I realized that my only chance of reclaiming my mobility and independence was to spend thousands of dollars out-of-pocket for a power wheelchair, I felt crushed. There was no way I could afford it, and the idea of adding to my existing medical and student loan debt was utterly terrifying.

I found Easterseals MA during a desperate Google search session. I quickly got in touch with Steven Crays, the coordinator of their Alternative Finance Program. He was so understanding and responsive. He always got back to me immediately, and after discussing the options he thought the Mini-Loan program might be just what I needed.

How right he was! Steven put me in touch with another super competent and helpful team member there, Catherine Fradenburg, the manager of the Alternative Finance Program. Before I knew it, I had a check in hand that would cover the lion’s share of my wheelchair expense. The unbelievable terms of the loan—5 years at 0% APR—meant the difference between me getting the technology I needed and being housebound.

Thank you, Easterseals MA!

Learn more about this program and other ways to finance assistive technology at the Massachusetts Alternative Finance Program.

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