All SmallTalk Apps are Now Free – Four New Apps Join the SmallTalk Family

Lingraphica, maker of the Lingraphica(r) speech-generating device for aphasia, announces the release of four new SmallTalk apps on the App store. In addition, all our apps, new and old, are now free. So download them all and get to know the whole SmallTalk family.

Our New SmallTalk Apps

SmallTalk Conversational Phrases

Provides words and phrases commonly used in conversations, such as greetings, responses, requests, and statements about well-being.

Download SmallTalk Conversational Phrases

SmallTalk Daily Activities

Provides words related to the activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and leisure.
Download SmallTalk Daily Activities

SmallTalk Pain Scale

Contains pain descriptions and images from the Wong-Baker Faces Pain Scale.
Download SmallTalk Pain Scale

SmallTalk Intensive Care

Provides words and phrases that a patient in an ICU needs to communicate to medical caregivers describing pain, feelings, and medical needs.
Download SmallTalk Intensive Care

The Rest of the SmallTalk Family:
 SmallTalk Aphasia

Turns the iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad into a mobile accessory to the Lingraphica. It allows users to take their favorite icons, phrases, and videos from the Lingraphica with them wherever they go. It comes with a starter set of icons and videos.

Download SmallTalk Aphasia – Male

Download SmallTalk Aphasia – Female

SmallTalk Dysphagia

Consists of 52 videos illustrating cheek, tongue, soft palate, lip, and jaw movements that help strengthen the oral musculature. Authored by speech-language pathologists Mary Pitti and Elizabeth Begley.
Download SmallTalk Oral Motor Exercises

SmallTalk Video Apps

The SmallTalk Video apps provide a series of speech-exercise videos, each illustrating the tongue and lip movements necessary to produce words and phrases. These articulation videos allow people with apraxia, aphasia, and/or dysarthria resulting from stroke or head injury to easily practice as often as they like.

SmallTalk Phonemes

Contains all English language phonemes.
Download SmallTalk Video App Phonemes

SmallTalk Consonant Blends

Contains consonant blends where two or three consonants are blended together, such as “bl” or “str.”
Download SmallTalk Video App Consonant Blends

SmallTalk Common Phrases

Contains greetings, conversational phrases, and aphasia-oriented phrases, such as “I had a stroke.”
Download SmallTalk Video App Common Phrases

SmallTalk Days, Months, Dates

Contains the days of the week, months of the year, and ordinal numbers 1st through 31st.
Download SmallTalk Video App Days, Months, Dates

SmallTalk Letters, Numbers, Colors

Contains the 26 letters of the English alphabet, numbers 1-20, and primary colors.
Download SmallTalk Video App Letters, Numbers, Colors

Call us for more information at 888-APHASIA, 888-274-2742.

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