November 14-16 at the Boston Convention Center & Exhibition Center

The ArchitectureBoston Expo 2012 (ABX) will be held November 14-16 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.  It is the biggest and best building trade show in the region, attracting 80,000 design professionals. The event will include workshops, tours, exhibits and special events.

Of special interest is the exhibit: UNIVERSAL DESIGN: EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE!  We all know that when it comes to making spaces accessible, the devil is in the details. ABX features an interactive universal design/accessibility exhibit revealing these details, including two ramps, toilet rooms and kitchenettes meant to look identical to one another. One will be universally designed and easy to use, while the other will have common design errors (sometimes quite subtle) making it difficult or impossible to use.  There will also be a ‘Vision Corridor’ to where one can experience walking through a corridor with limited sight.  ABX attendees are encouraged to navigate through the space with a wheelchair, scooter, crutches, stroller or cane – all will be provided. They will be assisted by volunteers with disabilities and members of the Boston Society of Architects Access and Design for Aging Committees  They will explain the design distinctions that make one side much more user friendly than the other, and ensure that participants are safe (should they get ‘stuck’ at a door that is difficult to open.

The exhibit Hall is FREE if you register before October 31st.  All are welcome, so consider coming with friends, colleagues and family. Register for the event at www.abexpo.com/register . (After October 31st registration is $15.00 so register early!)  Or register by phone at 877-779-3215.  An ASL interpreter is available on request.

To Volunteer:

If you are interested in volunteering to staff the Universal Design: Accessibility Exhibit please contact Jean Batty at jeanzbatty@me.com.  Persons with disabilities are encouraged to attend the expo to share your unique perspective on the products and designs as well as to staff the UD exhibit.


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