Supporting Medicaid Funding for Power Wheelchairs for Young Children

 “Power Wheelchairs for Young Children – Supporting Medicaid Funding for Children as Young as Two Years Old” This two-page document was recently published at  It summarizes findings from a number of recent studies that support the use of power wheelchairs for young children, including a RESNA position paper with an extensive bibliography of source material.  It also includes summaries of two recent Medicaid fair hearing decisions that awarded funding for power wheelchairs for very young children, with one awarding funding for a girl who was two and one half years old.  As noted, these hearing decisions are available through the National AT Advocacy Project by contacting Marge Gustas (  Those with an interest in this topic may wish to attend our session at the NDRN conference, “Meeting the AT Needs of Infants, Toddlers, and Very Young Children:  Looking to Medicaid and IDEA for Funding” (see conference details below).

You may also want to check out the Winter 2008 edition of the AT Advocate newsletter, “MEDICAID, AT AND KIDS – How Medicaid’s EPSDT Program Expands the Availability of Assistive Technology for Children Under 21 in All States,” available at

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