Starlock Wheelchair Cushion

Are you someone who has to deal with the occassional pressure sore or with a persistent one? The wound experts say the best course of treatment is to stay off the sore until it heals, ensure your diet includes plenty of protein to promote healing at the cellular level and address the underlying source of the pressure source. But some people need to attend a wedding, graduation, work or other activity and want  a cushion that will support them but not cause any additional damage to the area that is sore.

The Starlock cushion may be the answer you are looking for!

It looks like the typical ROHO cushion but has the ability to deflate individual cells so there is no air pressure on the affected area. What is nice about this cushion is that you can reinflate those cells at any time and adjust what cells are deflated depending on need.

For more information go to the website at There is also an instructional video on youtube.



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