Safety Net by LoJack

Earlier this month at the AT Expo and conference sponsored by Easter Seals I met Ralph Poland who was exhibiting a device called SafetyNet by LoJack. It is a tracking device worn by a person who has a cognitive limitation such as Alzheimer’s or autism and whose safety is at risk if they wander away from home.  The device looks like a watch and can be used at the wrist or ankle.  There is a installation/set up fee and a small monthly subscription. The system is tied into local law enforcement to assist in search and recovery of a wandering loved one.

House Bill 956 was filed on January 6, 2013 to provide insurance coverage of the device. Ralph is also collecting letters of support from organizations who support this bill.

For more information visit the website at or call (877)434-6384.  Ralph’s number is (508) 530-1595.


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