Some of you may know that a new durable medical reuse program was piloted in the greater Boston area this past year.  You can find it onlne at We are celebrating our one year anniversary this month and happy to report that we collected over 100 items and have reassigned over 70 items.

Little did I know when we started to develop this program that I would benefit from it myself. Last May, I had an unexpected surgery which required many months of recovery. Upon coming home from the hospital I found I could only walk short distances, couldn’t climb stairs and felt unsafe standing in the shower. I contacted the program and a manual wheelchair and shower chair were delivered to my home free of charge. They made it possible to get around my home and feel safe from falls.

I have now fully recovered and plan to donate the equipment back to the program so that someone else can utilize it. I know the staff will do a good job to sanitize and refurbish the equipment for the next person. Reuse works!

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