Guidance for Comments to Medicare on Speech Generating Devices–due Dec 6th

ACT NOW: Comments to CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) due December 6, 2014

Medicare (CMS) currently is reconsidering its National Coverage Decision (NCD) for Speech Generating Devices (SGDs). As part of that process, CMS will allow interested members of the public to submit comments about future Medicare SGD coverage until December 6, 2014. Please add your voice. Visit the CMS website for more information about Speech Generating Devices.

Please go to for information that will help you craft cogent and meaningful comments to CMS regarding the National Coverage Determination (NCD) on Speech Generating Devices (SGDs).

The information you will find was prepared by the Medicare Implementation Team, an ad hoc group of AAC clinicians, researchers, advocates, educators, manufacturers, etc., many of whom worked on the 2001 NCD. The group has been meeting weekly since February 2014 in an ongoing effort to address Medicare policy and regulation changes that have so negatively affected access to SGDs for many of the people who need them to communicate.

The Patient Provider Communication link provides 5 steps to help you submit your comments to CMS. As part of the steps, the Patient Provider Communication also provides 8 COMMENTS that are critical to include in a revised NCD for SGDs.
We ask that you copy, cut and paste these comments. Please add additional, personal information and experiences.

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