AT Training to Support Individuals with Autism at NEAT

April 27, 2015  |  9 AM – 3 PM  

Nicole Feeney, an Assitive Technology Specialist at the NEAT Center at Oak Hill, will discuss and demonstrate various assisitive technology tools that can help support individuals with Autism in various settings.

Workshop objectives include:

  • Participants will learn about various assistive technology tools that can help support students and individuals with Autism in a variety of environments including home, school, work and in the community.
  • There will be demonstrations of powerful apps, as well as accessibility options, for Android, Chrome and iPad devices.
  • Participants will gain insight on the power of low-tech tools for individuals with Autism.
  • There will be discussions on how to determine the most efficient tools and ideas for how to implement them successfully.
  • Assistive technology supports demonstrated will include items for enhancing social learning, sensory supports, leisure time, academic and functional skills, personal safety, visual supports and schedules, adapted books as well as social stories.
  • Contact hours offered for professionals in the field of Special Education.
  • Opportunities to meet with Exhibitors and Service Providers to gather important information about products, resources and supports available to individuals with Autism and their families.

Fee:  $35.00

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