Adventure Days at the Perkins School for the Blind

Introducing Adventure Days at Perkins School for the Blind and in partnership with the Massachusetts Association of Parents of the Visually Impaired (MAPVI)!

Perkins and MAPVI are inviting families to visit the Perkins campus and experience different aspects of the Perkins programs while also getting to socialize and meet other families, all in a kid-friendly environment!

Everyone is welcome! This event is free and open to the public as well as any kids currently enrolled in any Perkins program. Kids of all ages and their siblings are welcome to attend.

Our second Adventure Day will be on Saturday, March 14th from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. We’ll meet in the Lower School auditorium for snacks and learn about sensory play and sensory integration! Interested families are invited to tour the Perkins campus after the fair.

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What’s a Hands-On Sensory Fair?
This event will be led by Kathy Heydt (Assistant Education Director of the Lower School), Greta Mangini (Occupational Therapist in the Lower School) and Lindsey Moss (Physical Therapist in the Lower School). They will introduce families to the concept of sensory motor integration (SMI) and how we can use play techniques at home to help our children calm down or maintain a level of alertness. We’ll also learn how to avoid over- or under-stimulating our kids.

There will be multiple stations set up throughout the Lower School on the first floor where families and children can experience sensory play first hand. The stations will be based on vestibular, proprioceptive and tactile play. We’ll have the opportunity to play in the SMI room and Lower School gym, too!

10am to 10:15am: Snacks and visiting
10:15am to 10:30am: Introduction to Sensory Integration with Kathy Heydt
10:30am to 11:30am: Families can explore multiple games and play stations throughout the Lower School at their own pace with guidance from Greta and Lindsey
11:30am to 12pm: Tours of the campus for interested families

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We’re planning more Adventure Days to come! Save these dates:

  • May 9th
  • July 11th


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